#18: Write a poem and #93 Perform at a spoken word poetry event

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April 24, 2017 by moshimoshi2

One of my favorite things to do while living in Washington, D.C., was attending the Tuesday night open mic nights at Busboy and Poets on 14th.  It was there that I was first introduced to spoken word poetry.  The poets were amazing!  Their powerful voice delivering effusive lines with cadence and rhythm, all from memory. These poets were so captivating. It was art.

For the first two semesters of PA school, we had an anatomy dissection course working with cadavers.  At the end of our year, a student committee organizes the Service of Gratitude event where the donors’ families are invited to see students perform and showcase artwork in appreciation for their contribution to our education.

While at a beach house with a few classmates for a weekend in Maine, we got an email calling for student submissions for the event.  I really wanted to express my gratitude to the families and had thought about what I could do for the rest of the weekend.  I decided to write a poem for the event.  I was terrified about everything – whether the poem was any good, whether the families would like it, whether I would offend the families, whether I would mess up and make a fool out of myself, whether my friends would think less of me….

Honestly, the event was a blur. I don’t remember much from it because of my emotional Afterwards at the reception, the widow of a donor  came up to me and shared a wonderful story about how she saw an eagle circle above her in the parking lot the other day.  She knew the eagle was her pilot husband.

I don’t want to share the entire poem because I want to keep it special just for the event. Plus, I shared it with a classmate and he ended up sharing this much of it.

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Pretty amazing experience today, in which I was able to share a piece of myself with our anatomy donors families during a service of gratitude. However, one of my fellow classmates stole the show with a spoken word piece that was extremely moving, and here I'd like to share but a piece of it "Now I'm no physicist, but I do believe that the conservation of energy applies to our very being You see, we are capsules of energy constantly exchanging bits and pieces of what is inside of us with the world Until our capsules can't any longer, ceasing to hold all of the energy within as they have in the past. But we do not disappear quietly, seeping out unnoticed. In fact, We become fireworks Fireworks that explode no longer restrained by the capsules that bound us And if we look closely in the right direction, we see our predecessors around us Feel them Hear them Taking form in the life that surrounds us They are the rain that cools us The music that soothes us The heat that livens us The light that revives us They are the wind that dances, falling and rising with us Surging like the electricity of ideas and dreams that inspire and surprise us Birthed from the curiosity and imagination that redirect us To flow in synchrony with the unrelenting love and passion that connect us They are The voice of wisdom and conscience that provide for us A direction for the quiet anger against injustice that riles us Fueling the persistence and determination that drives us To create change for the world, to be safe, fair, sustainable, and prosperous" #physicianassistantstudent #paschool #palife #PAnotes

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