#100: Suck helium out of a balloon and laugh at my voice

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March 4, 2016 by moshimoshi2

While serving an internship at the County of San Diego, my unofficial supervisor and I had lots of heart-to-heart talks about life.  He kept talking about all these things he wanted to do in life, so I encouraged him to make a list and start tackling them.  He was reluctant, so I explained that I have this blog to keep track of my list.  He thought it was hilarious and asked to help me cross one off my list for my birthday.

And this was it: #100.

I brought a couple of balloons in his office and left it in the corner.  He had forgotten all about it until he saw them and coworkers kept asking him about them.  I had the pleasure of having my cubicle close enough to his office to hear him make up some excuses to them about who brought them and the reason.

Proof is in the video, which I unfortunately can’t upload because I don’t have a premium account. Lots of laughing at our voices was involved though 🙂


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