Unofficial item: Go on a long-distance bike trip


October 4, 2012 by moshimoshi2

So…the last few posts were all leading to this one.

In April, my roommate and I spontaneously agreed to go on a long-distance bike trip.  Since then and until right up to our departure date, we had been busy planning our route and purchasing equipment.  Our route changed from a month-long journey from DC to Austin, TX, to a two-week long trip from Seattle to SF.  Something more feasible for novice touring bikers like us.  Plus, that is a more popular route with more cities, trail, and bike stores along the route and less mosquitoes and alligators to worry about.

When we embarked on September 15, we did not realize that our plan would only be an outline and out actual journey would stray from it a bit.  We would find ourselves scrambling for housing on couchsurfing at the last minute to avoid staying in motels lacking personality.  We biked from Seattle to Eugene,OR in 5 days.  Realizing that we had scheduled the longest days for the Oregon coast which more seasoned bikers along the way had told us was hilly, windy, and treacherous, we opted to rent a truck to carry our bikes and bypass the coast for Arcata, CA to allow us a buffer of a couple of days to reach San Francisco/spend in the city.  From Arcata, we biked all the way to SF.  In the last few days, we ended up doing the trip solo: he wanted to do narrow, windy route 1 along the coast; I opted for 101 on the inland.

Two weeks, lots of energy bars and granola, and just as many new friends.  I am glad it’s over so I can resume a normal life of sleeping in a bed, spending enough time with new people to establish a friendship, and having time to relax without watching the clock to race the sun for our destination.  One thing I will miss is being able to eat constantly and whatever I wanted and still manage to be hungry at the end of the day.  I think I will need to buy bigger pants soon if I keep eating like I used to!

It is definitely something I would recommend everyone to do at one point in their life -even if it’s only for a couple of days.  The world is gorgeous and there are so many kind strangers who will help you along the way.   I would definitely consider doing another bike trip again.  However, this time, I would get a nicer bike, pack much less clothes, and travel in a larger group.

Below are some photos from the journey!  Enjoy!


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